Oct 14, 2013
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Palm mulch for rose gardens!

Did you know that palm mulch is perfect for rose beds? The acidity is just right in the fibrous mulch and it holds a good amount of water making it perfect for your rose beds. You can use other types of mulch but from our experience they are less effective than palm mulch.¬†According to the Queensland Rose Society rose beds need to be kept well mulched. They recommend Lucerne hay, straw, grass clippings, old dry cow manure or wood chips. They make a point to mention that pine back should NOT be used… ever. They neglect to mention palm mulch. Maybe this is because palm mulch cannot be bought in stores or at a nursery – it has to be delivered fresh from your local aborist. Contact us today and organise a delivery of some palm mulch, it is a lot less expensive than you might think!

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