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Sep 28, 2017
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Birds in the Garden

If you want to encourage native bird life in your garden, hanging a birdseed bell or leaving out food scraps for them to eat is not the way to do it. You need to create a garden which is bird-friendly, and will encourage birds to not just come for a feed, but to nest and make your garden their home.

In order to attract native birds, you should plant native flora. Grevilleas, Banksias and Acacias are excellent sources of nectar, insects and shelter for many native species. Larger species require larger trees for their habitat – Kookaburras, Currawong and Parrots all require native trees of substantial size to feel at home in your garden. Smaller species like Honeyeaters, will be encouraged to visit if you plant nectar producing bushes and trees.

If you are unsure of the type of bird visiting your garden, you can search using descriptives such as size and colouring to find the name of the bird, and read about its habitat, feeding and breeding practices on the Birds in Backyards website.

As well as providing native flora for bird life, a small pond, fountain or bird bath will also encourage winged visitors – especially on a hot day. If your pond has fish in it, you will want to cover the pond with chicken-wire or something similar, because many birds enjoy freshwater seafood! Bird baths should be placed in dappled shade and perched high enough for the birds to feel safe and comfortable. It should also be close to shrubs or trees so that the bird can escape if frightened. Birds drink and bathe in the same water, so the water will need to be refreshed quite frequently. A shallow pond with a fountain and various levels and depths would be perfect.

Providing nest boxes is another great way to attract bird life. Natural hollows in the trunks of old trees used to provide a nesting place for kookaburras and parrots, however in the suburban landscape, old trees are removed and so this natural habitat for nesting is not so freely available. If you are serious about encouraging birds to make your garden their home, then consider a few nesting boxes carefully placed at a safe height and in the shelter of a healthy tree.
The key to creating a bird friendly garden is to create structural diversity with a good mix of native plants. Plants should include a range of shrubs of varying heights, grasses and ground covers and some nice tall trees. Using mulch around garden beds encourages insects, which in turn encourages birds to visit and feed.

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May 2, 2017
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Botanic Gardens

Did you know you can do a free guided walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney? Each day from 10.30 am until noon, and from March until November, 1-2pm weekdays (except public holidays). It’s an easy walk around the Garden, but wearing comfortable walking shoes is recommended. The walk begins from the Information Booth at the Garden Shop. Bookings are not essential, except where an organised group is involved.

On Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays at 10 am there are also tours which explore plant uses, culture, artefacts and tasting of some bush foods under the supervision of an Aboriginal guide.

Should you prefer to explore the gardens at your own pace, be sure to include the Tropical Horticultural garden near Mrs Macquaries Road which is at its best during summer and autumn. The Glasshouse, Fernery and Palm Grove are not to be missed, and the Ponds are abundant with beauty and local bird life from late December to mid March.

There used to be a very large colony of flying fox (large fruit bats) in the gardens, but this has been greatly reduced due to recent efforts to relocate them. Garden management complained that 47 important trees had been killed by the bats, and another 300 trees were at risk. Playing loud, industrial noises to disturb their sleep seemed to do the trick, and the vast majority of the bats relocated themselves – many to the nearby Centennial Park. For more information about the Royal Botanic Garden click here

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah also provides free guided walks through the gardens most days at 11.30 am. Organised groups should pre-book, and they will be rewarded with an expert who offers a personalised sensory feast of the Garden’s seasonal highlights. There is a small cost involved for organised tours, but it is well worthwhile.

Plants are grouped in this Garden. There are Southern Hemisphere Woodlands, North American Woodlands, Conifer forests, a Bog Garden, Rainforest, Rhododendron garden, Proteaceae feature garden, traditional European style garden, Heath and Heather Garden and a Formal Garden wherein you will find a large collection of modern and heritage roses, and a Rosarium.
Special interest groups are catered for, using an experienced guide with the relevant specialised horticultural knowledge. These need to be booked in advance. Self-guided audio tours for adults are available for a small fee, and children may purchase a kit from the Visitor Centre to make their visit more hands-on and enjoyable. More information can be obtained from their website.

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Mar 26, 2017
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Recommended Arborists

A good arborist is hard to find. We know. We work in the industry. We’ve spent some time in the industry have learnt a thing or two about how people operate, their capacity, their qualifications, their professionalism, their insurances, and their reputations. Let’s take a quick look at a few arborists (that we can recommend).

Sydney Tree Removals

This site is run for Sydney Tree Removals so we may be a little biased. However, from our dealings with Sydney Tree Removals they have proven to be reliable, honest, and professional. As a blog writer I have more work than I have time, so I could have moved on to another client. But I stick with Sydney Tree Removals because they are just so pleasant to deal with. If you don’t believe me, have a look at their reviews on Google. At the time of writing this blog post they have a 100% 5 star rating.


Brisbane Tree Removals

If you are in South East Queensland, then Brisbane Tree Removals is the go to arborist service. They put all other arborist companies to shame. Their tree removal crew is incredibly experienced and efficient, and their equipment even comes with all the bells and whistles! They don’t currently have a Google Reviews page, however, I did spot they have a Facebook Page and their reviews there are 5 stars. Looks like they’re dominating social media and moving away from blogs. Maybe I need to shift careers!

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Jun 6, 2016
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Signs That a Tree is Sick

Trees can vary in shape, size and colour. It is vital to understand the signs and symptoms of a sick or dying tree. The signs of a sick tree can differ greatly and it is important to understand that different species will show different symptoms. There are clear universal symptoms that apply to all species of trees surrounding the diagnosis of a sickness and if these problems are caught at an early stage, there is a strong possibility that the tree will survive.

When it comes to the diagnosis of a tree whether it is sick or dying, there are a couple of main aspects to keep an eye out for. The first aspect, being the most obvious is the loss or reduction of growth of leaves on all or parts of your tree. Other signs or aspects that can be easily spotted by you include the bark of the tree becoming brittle and peeling off, limbs becoming brittle like and eventually falling off or the trunk of the tree becoming sponge like or brittle. These are all signs that can be easily spotted by you in your garden.

There is a vast amount of issues surrounding the above signs of tree sickness which range from age to diseases. The age of the tree can play a large role in the sickness of a tree. As trees age, they become stronger and hardier, but after a certain age, which can range from a decade to a millennia depending on the tree type, the tree will begin decaying due to its old age. A tree that is dying due to its age cannot be saved as it is a natural occurrence which is unpreventable. When referring to tree diseases, there are a great deal that apply to all trees. Diseases include Kirramyces leaf diseases, Phellinus noxius – brown root rot, Quambalaria shoot blight and Pink disease. All these diseases can and will harm your tree causing its sickness and decay. One of the major factors however, that cause a trees sickness are pests. In Australia there are various amounts of pest

s that can cause the sickness and downfall of your trees. These pests include and are not limited to the Sirex Wood Wasp, Christmas Beetles, Termites and Leaf Beetles.

If your trees are showing signs of sickness and bad health, it is recommended to look for the above problems and contact a tree surgeon as soon as possible. The issues above are some of the more prevalent ones that occur and can be eradicated if they are caught at an early stage, providing a longer life span for your trees.

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Sep 29, 2014
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Eucalyptus Tree suffers Storm Damage

This tree which was a Eucalyptus teriticornis it fell over during strong wind and rain.

On closer inspection the trees root system has rotted away with the root system suffocating due to anaerobic soil conditions.

From above ground there was little signs of the condition but to a trained arborist with an understanding of tree species and tree body language ,the problem could have been diagnosed. The tree may have been saved or removed preventing the costly damage to the shed and pool fence.
If you have trees it is recommended they are assessed by a qualified arborist, contact Sydney Tree Removals, we not only remove trees but also provide preventative treatment to allow trees to maintain good health and vigour.

If there are trees that are of concern we can provide an informed hazard assessment with accurate information, this can help you make an informed decision as to what is your best coarse of action.


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Sep 8, 2013
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Three Reasons Why You Might Have A Tree Removed

If you have ever had a decision to make on whether or not to remove a tree you will already know that it is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Having the tree removed will not come that cheap and it could cost even more if the job is not done in the correct manner.

A job like this is certainly not what you will be employing the services of your local landscape gardener for; it will need the experience and knowledge of a proper tree removal company. These can be found quite easily as there are more than enough of them located all across Australia, including of course Sydney.

So here are my three main reasons as to why a tree should be considered for removal:

  • If the tree is either dead or dying – Any dead or dying tree really should be removed simply because once a tree is dead they can become a big danger for your home. They will eventually become weak and branches could fall off or it could fall during a storm. If you are unsure on whether the tree is dead, you could employ the services of a botanist to let you know.
  • If the tree is damaging your property – The roots of a tree can over time cause a certain level of risk to your property. They could damage any underground gas and water pipes, overhead electricity lines as well as damaging side walks or paving. If you think there is a real danger of property damage, it is definitely time to call in a tree removal expert.
  • If the tree is reducing the value of your home – This is certainly not my favourite reason for removing a tree, especially if it is alive and not a risk to your property but sometimes a tree can actually cause your house value to decline. This is usually down to how the tree looks, with it becoming more of an eye sore than a compliment to your home.

Before having any tree removed be sure to have a look at the local regulations as to whether the tree is legally able to be removed. Some trees can be a home to some of the world’s endangered species and will not be allowed to be removed. Additionally, always make sure that your tree removal contractor is fully licensed to do what you ask of him. We suggest using Sydney Tree Removals due to their qualifications, wealth of experience and professionalism.


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