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May 2, 2017
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Botanic Gardens

Did you know you can do a free guided walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney? Each day from 10.30 am until noon, and from March until November, 1-2pm weekdays (except public holidays). It’s an easy walk around the Garden, but wearing comfortable walking shoes is recommended. The walk begins from the Information Booth at the Garden Shop. Bookings are not essential, except where an organised group is involved.

On Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays at 10 am there are also tours which explore plant uses, culture, artefacts and tasting of some bush foods under the supervision of an Aboriginal guide.

Should you prefer to explore the gardens at your own pace, be sure to include the Tropical Horticultural garden near Mrs Macquaries Road which is at its best during summer and autumn. The Glasshouse, Fernery and Palm Grove are not to be missed, and the Ponds are abundant with beauty and local bird life from late December to mid March.

There used to be a very large colony of flying fox (large fruit bats) in the gardens, but this has been greatly reduced due to recent efforts to relocate them. Garden management complained that 47 important trees had been killed by the bats, and another 300 trees were at risk. Playing loud, industrial noises to disturb their sleep seemed to do the trick, and the vast majority of the bats relocated themselves – many to the nearby Centennial Park. For more information about the Royal Botanic Garden click here

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden at Mount Tomah also provides free guided walks through the gardens most days at 11.30 am. Organised groups should pre-book, and they will be rewarded with an expert who offers a personalised sensory feast of the Garden’s seasonal highlights. There is a small cost involved for organised tours, but it is well worthwhile.

Plants are grouped in this Garden. There are Southern Hemisphere Woodlands, North American Woodlands, Conifer forests, a Bog Garden, Rainforest, Rhododendron garden, Proteaceae feature garden, traditional European style garden, Heath and Heather Garden and a Formal Garden wherein you will find a large collection of modern and heritage roses, and a Rosarium.
Special interest groups are catered for, using an experienced guide with the relevant specialised horticultural knowledge. These need to be booked in advance. Self-guided audio tours for adults are available for a small fee, and children may purchase a kit from the Visitor Centre to make their visit more hands-on and enjoyable. More information can be obtained from their website.

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Mar 26, 2017
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Recommended Arborists

A good arborist is hard to find. We know. We work in the industry. We’ve spent some time in the industry have learnt a thing or two about how people operate, their capacity, their qualifications, their professionalism, their insurances, and their reputations. Let’s take a quick look at a few arborists (that we can recommend).

Sydney Tree Removals

This site is run for Sydney Tree Removals so we may be a little biased. However, from our dealings with Sydney Tree Removals they have proven to be reliable, honest, and professional. As a blog writer I have more work than I have time, so I could have moved on to another client. But I stick with Sydney Tree Removals because they are just so pleasant to deal with. If you don’t believe me, have a look at their reviews on Google. At the time of writing this blog post they have a 100% 5 star rating.

Sydney Tree Company

Is a solid and reliable company. Based on my interactions within the arbor market, I have seen Sydney Tree Company step up and take on the larger jobs that smaller arborist companies cannot handle. They have a capacity to scale up and down really quickly. No job is too big or small for them. Their Google Reviews, just like Sydney Tree Removals, are exceptional with an average of rating of 4.8 stars.

Botany Tree Services

Botany Tree Services is a relatively new player in the market with only 10 years of experience. They have all the arbor equipment to take on small and medium sized jobs. What might be surprising to know is that they also do work in Canberra, despite not advertising that fact. So if you have a huge arbor job, they could relocate equipment for you if a deadline needed to be met. They haven’t spent a lot of time building their web presence as they have been working on word-of-mouth for a long time. I’m glad to see they’re getting their name out there. They currently have 5 star rating on their Google Reviews.

Brisbane Tree Removals

If you are in South East Queensland, then Brisbane Tree Removals is the go to arborist service. They put all other arborist companies to shame. Their tree removal crew is incredibly experienced and efficient, and their equipment even comes with all the bells and whistles! They don’t currently have a Google Reviews page, however, I did spot they have a Facebook Page and their reviews there are 5 stars. Looks like they’re dominating social media and moving away from blogs. Maybe I need to shift careers!

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