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Jan 15, 2018
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Fruit Trees

Why not grow a home orchard? What could be better than fruit picked fresh from the tree?

Many home gardeners have given up on fruit trees because they did not really get to enjoy the fruit – the local birdlife, possums, bats, vermin or insects got to it first! That can be a problem, but there are also some ways to outsmart the competition so that the feasting rights and benefits become yours.

While there are insecticides to provide an easy solution to the insect side of this problem, it is quite another thing to deter our native fauna. They are, after all, protected and we don’t want to remove them from our gardens, and we don’t even mind sharing some of the fruit with them… just not all of it. Generally, the problem is that while we wait for the fruit to ripen, the possums, bats and birds are happy to feast on the unripened fruit. If we pick the fruit too early, it will not ripen.

Tree nets are now available, which protect the fruit to a large degree, but they are expensive and if not erected correctly, may entangle animals and birds. An alternative to netting is shade cloth over the canopy of the tree, or using individual paper bags over accessible fruit.

Metal sheet Tree Collars are helpful where the issue is a possum or rat climbing up the trunk of the tree.

To keep birds away from ripening fruit, shiny objects hanging in the tree may serve as a deterrent. CDs, aluminium pie pans, strips of reflective tape, a scarecrow shape in the branches – these will all help keep the birds away. Remember to take down the obstacles after the fruit has ripened and is removed. The ecosystem in your garden needs birds to visit and help with cross pollination.

Another solution for the home gardener wanting to enjoy the fruit of their garden is to choose dwarf varieties when planting. These are easier to manage – whether it is spraying for insects or using netting or shade cloth to protect the fruit. These dwarf plants can also be kept in pots, and placed in a protected environment – away from the natural wildlife.

All fruit producing trees and vines should be carefully pruned after fruiting, and will benefit from regular fertilising. Attending to these will help produce a bigger crop for you to enjoy. Even if you have to share some of it with the wildlife!

Oct 5, 2014
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Palm Tree Removal

When the time comes to remove palm trees from your property it’s always best to trust the hands of a professional. Removing a tree can be extremely hard work and quite often the process requires the help of some type of heavy machinery. With our palm removal service you can get the most competitive quote on the cost of removal and clean up on your property.

Our crew has extensive experience in removing palm trees as well as performing pruning and trimming services. Depending on the size of your tree we will come in with heavy equipment and speciality industry methods that we use to reduce the chance of any type of damage to your property, to your land as well as any risk for injury on the part of our crew. We have successfully removed hundreds of palm trees as well as their stumps and roots systems so that you can take back your backyard or front yard.

Palm tree removal can also be extremely beneficial if a tree is regularly intersecting power lines or in the event of an emergency situation. We are always available and on call for Palm removals and we know that these trees are regular common targets during tropical storms, hurricanes and severe weather. We can work to remove any broken palm trees from your land and ensure that your lawn is cleaned up to its original condition. The cost for removal and emergency services is extremely competitive and we are more than willing to work through your insurance agency to provide you with the emergency palm tree removal that you require to get your life back to normal.

Our company can provide stump removal, emergency removal, haul away services as well as trimming and pruning services. If you have a palm tree that needs attention on your property contact us today.